24 Volt 8A Battery Charger for Lead Acid Battery

LEAFUN POWER® 24V 8A Smart Lead Acid Battery Charger
24V 8A Smart Battery Charger for Sealed Lead Acid Battery

MODEL: A20024-8A

Input: 100 or 240 VAC (defined when order)
Output: 27.6V 8.0A
Charge Process: CC-CV(H)-CV(L)
Charger Indicator: Red Charging/Green Finished
Output Protections: polarity reversed, output connectors shorted
Safety Approval: CE
Size: 213 x 94 x 54 mm
Suit for Battery: 24 Volt 8~50 Ah Lead-Acid Battery Charger

Standard 3 stages (CC-Bulk-Float) charging process.
It is designed for all kinds of 24 V Lead-Acid battery, such as SLA, AGM and Gel battery.
With bi-color LED, red for charging green for finished Red flashing for errors, “off” for no battery wired.
Protection mode for battery polarity reversed or the output connectors shorted.
Meet CE and UL 1310 safety requirements.
Specification for A20024-8A
Rating Input Voltage 100~120 V or 220~240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Input Current 3.3 A @ 100 V input.
Input power factor 0.7
Charge voltage Limited A20012-12A A20024-8A A20036-6A A20048-4A
14.7V±1% 29.4V±1% 44.1V±1% 58.8V±1%
Bulk charge current 7A~12A 4A~8A 3A~6A 2A~4A
Float charge voltage 13.7V±1% 27.6V±1% 55.0V±1% 54.8V±1%
Operate Temp. -20ºC~40ºC
Cooling Fan convection. Do not cover the charger.
Charge principle 3 stages: CC-Bulk-Floating
LED display Bi-color LED indicator, “Red” for charging “Green” for full charged or idle.
Red flashing for errors; “off” for no battery wired.
Battery type All types of 24V lead-acid batteries. (SLA, Gel, AGM, Wet.)
Battery capacity 20-100Ah
Size 213 x 94 x 54mm
Output cable & plug 1.5 meter 2xAWG16#, SPT1 wire, DC plug type defined by user.
Input AC plug IEC60320-C14
Enclosure Aluminium casing, with Fan cover.
Weight 800g
California Residents
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – P65Warnings.ca.gov



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