25PCS 172x5x0.6 Rubber Turntable Belt LP Phonograph Record Player Belt Fit For PIONEER PL200Z PLZ91 PLZ92 PLZ93 Plus

Features: The turntable belt applies to Belt drive turnable, separating motors from rotating disc, connected by belt and driving turntable A high quality belt can make the sound quality of phonograph more authentic and beautiful Belts absorb motor vibrations and make sounds more accurate Belt reduces motor speed difference, makes turntable rotation smoother and coherent Replacement flat drive belt for Pioneer PL335 PL200Z PL281 PLX50 PLX340 PLZ81 PLZ82 PLZ91 PLZ92 PLZ93 PLZ94 PLZ460 PLZ560 These are the correct 172mm Diameter; 5mm Wideth;0.6mm Thick;270mm Fold length; 540mm Total length Usage method: You have to install driving wheel before installing belt, tighten screw lock on side at 1 to 2 mm from bottom Then there are 45 and 33 rotate speed above, install according to actual requirement After installing belt, you can install your singing arm and complete the installation of your turntable Note: Selecting a phonograph belt requires attention to size and thickness of straps and improper sizes and thicknesses will cause straps too tight or loose. Too tight belts will carry motor vibrations on turntable resulting in worse tone. If this product doesn't fit your requirements, look at other products recommended above, we offer other sizes of belts. Such as 206 x 5 x 0.7/323 172 x 5 x 0.6/270 128 x 5 x 0.6/200 121 x 5 x 0.6/190 Package Included: 25 x Turntable BeltsПроизводитель: Eachine1

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