Arcade DIY Kits Parts USB Encoder For PC Joystick With 20Pcs Buttons

Features 1 Can support Windows XP Windows 7 Windows VistaWindows 8 2 Can perfect fit for Raspberry Pi Retripie ProjectsRaspberry Pi 2 Retropie Projects 3 Each Encoder have its own USB Cable to make sure that Multiplayer can play the games in the same condition 4 Compatible model For Raspberry Pi Retropie Arcade DIY Projects Raspberry Pi 2 Retropie Arcade DIY Projects MAME DIY Projects USB MAME Cabinet Arcade DIY Projects Video Games ProjectsFight Stick etc Tips for New User 1 The item need work with MAME emulator So before your build your own project Please download one to work with the parts 2 If you use this kit to build your own Raspberry Pi Retropie Projects Please search the steps before your DIY Packing Includes 2 x High quality PC encoder board2 x USB Cable24 x Wire cables for Buttons2 x 2Pin Joystick16 x Easyget Push Button Size 30mm 4 x Easyget Push Button Size 24mmПроизводитель: Banggood

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