Flydigi Beehive 4 Finger Gloves Slip-proof Sweat-proof Professional Touch Screen Thumbs Finger Sleeve for PUBG Mobile Ga

Features Nano carbon fiber technology 2 0 four fold protection classic upgradeFlyring spiral ring TM technology 30 turns of high density and tight textile waist without looseness longer service lifeLighter and thin 20D yarn as thin as 0 3mm no sense to wearMore sensitive 18 needle dense weaving more conductive yarnMore durable self willed and strong without fear of pulling thousands of timesZero joints at fingertips smart textile machine no sense at fingertipsSuper slim carbon fiber 2 0 silk thread high speed evaporation of sweat will not interfere with the control feel and sensitivityHigh elastic spandex inner curling can effectively prevent the phenomenon of de filing caused by repeated frictionFour way elastic structure universal for thumb and index fingerHow to choose Behive 4Linkis made ofNano carbon fiber that suitable for people with moderate sweatingBehive 5Linkis Silver ion spiral ring that suitable for people with heavy sweatingPackage Included 2 x Flydigi Beehive 4 Finger GlovesПроизводитель: FLYDIGI

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