Manual paper cutting machine price in delhi

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•Kavinstar manual paper cutter : Base size: 25 1/2" x 19 1/4" x 2"; Overall size: 25 1/2" x 19 1/4" x 12 3/4"(Including cutting bar); Maximum cutting width: 17"
• Paper cutter guillotine best cutting size: Under A3 B4 A4 B5 A5 B6 B7 Paper; Maximum cutting capacity: 400 sheets high or approx 1.5"(for 80g A3 Paper)
• Paper cutter with all heavy duty steel base; Professionally machined and assembled steel blade rail and sturdy blade assembly
• Industrial paper cutter computer generated grid in inches (down to 1/8") for precise cuts; Non Skid pads for table top use
• The Kavinstar heavy duty paper cutter is ideal for offices, schools, churches, businesses, printing houses as well as professional individual users

Product description
New Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter 18 Commercial Metal-Base A3 Trimmer
1.Construction: The KVR-A200 paper cutter is extremely well built. The body of the cutter is made from heavy duty steel. The cutter includes a razor sharp, hardened steel blade, heavy duty, extra long metal handle and adjustable side gauge.
2. Safety: The KVR-A200 paper cutter includes a locking mechanism for two handed operation. This helps ensure the users hands or fingers stay completely away from the blade.
3. Blade: The KVR-A200 paper cutter includes a razor sharp hardened steel blade that is designed to easily handle all your cutting needs. Should you ever need to sharpen or replace the blade, the blade can be easily removed with the included Blade Splint. Just attach the blade splint, unscrew the screws holding the blade in place and the blade comes right off without ever touching the blade. It's that simple.
4.Performance & Precision: The KVR-A200 paper cutter will easily cut through 400 sheets of 80g paper. The precision of the KVR-A200 paper cutter is second to none. With a computer generated grid in inches, the KVR-A200 paper cutter will give you a perfect cut every time.
Extra long cutting handle bar increases leverage - Cut as much as 400 sheets of paper effortlessly!
Surface protected with scratch resistant coating.
Hardened precision steel blade customized at the factory.
New innovative floating side gauge.
Long lasting cutting pad (the material that the blade rests on when it cuts).
Adjustable paper clamp locks down paper firmly in place, eliminating shifting and tearing.
Easy-Lock Safety lever prevents cutting until released.
All Metal Paper Clamp Handle.
Package Content
1 X 17" paper cutter
1 X Blade splint
5 X Screw
1 X User Manual

Technical Details
Brand Name Superland
Package Dimensions 29.1 x 24 x 9.8 inches

Manufacturer Part Number A3 Guillotine Paper Cutter
Authorized Dealer & Service Provider: Arun Automation
Ph.#01140820044 or #9
Add.# Office No.86, DSIDC Complex, Kotla Mubarakpur, New Delhi 110003
Email# ,




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