Socks Comfortable Outdoor Five-Toe Cut-Resistant Socks in Light Grey. Size: One Size

Size :25*9cm
Separate design of five toes, more ergonomic, more comfortable, prevent beriberi.<br />
Puncture/Cut Proof:Socks were created using a blend of high-strength polyethylene fiber. Our socks made to be tough while keeping a healthy and weightless fit on your feet.The high-strength polyethylene material around the body can effectively block the damage of the knife, sword and other sharp objects to the foot.<br />
The synthesis of super elastic rubber band makes the socks full of elasticity, and the feet of different sizes can be applied.<br /> Item #:475046 Package :1 pair Item Weight :70 gramПроизводитель: Fairyseason
size: One Size
gender: Female
color: Light Grey

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